Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the National AHEC Organization, we are so pleased you have chosen to attend the 2014 NAO Conference here in Charlotte, North Carolina from July 7-July 11 2014. The theme for the 2014 NAO Conference is “AHEC : “Driving Access to Quality Healthcare through Innovation, Implementation & Impact”, which certainly could not be more timely and opportune for our national AHEC network of 53 medical schools, 2 nursing schools and over 240 community-based centers in 46 states.

The NAO Conference Planning committee has worked diligently to put together a dynamic, comprehensive, and highly practical agenda which includes keynote addresses and plenary sessions with national leaders in health care, concurrent and poster sessions with skilled presenters, as well as a New AHEC Director Orientation session, and other small-group activities and committee meetings. We even have an exciting Charlotte AHEC hosted evening reception at the inter-active NASCAR museum which we are certain will be a fun and exciting event, along with the wonderful evening Awards Gala scheduled for Thursday night.  All of this, we are certain, will have you leaving this conference excited, energized, and ready to put into practice when you get back home.

There are a number of interesting, exciting and unique activities to do in Charlotte for you and your family.  The Westin Hotel concierge will be glad to assist you in finding something fun and exciting to do.  Don’t miss the chance to have some fun!

We look forward to visiting with you during the conference, and please accept our deepest thanks for your hard work and diligence in working to advance the AHEC and National AHEC Organization mission!

Our very best,

H. John Blossom, MD
Director, CA AHEC Program
President, NAO Board of Directors

Robert M. Trachtenberg, MS
Executive Director
National AHEC Organization