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Executive Director
San Luis Valley AHEC, Alamosa, CO 

January 27, 2017 

The San Luis Valley Area Health Education Center seeks candidates for Executive Director.  Masters Degree or comparable experience preferred, fundraising skills and successful grant writing required. Candidates must have demonstrated abilities in financial, program and personnel management, and strong emotional intelligence.  Candidates must have excellent communication, organization and computer skills, experience with health care delivery systems, and demonstrated skills in budget preparation and accountability.  Job description and applications are available at the SLVAHEC office (300 Ross Avenue, Alamosa, CO 81101). Application deadline is March 31, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  The SLVAHEC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applications must be mailed to SLV-AHEC- P.O. Box 1677, Alamosa, CO  81101. 

For more information, call (719) 589-4977.


Job Description for Executive Director



Executive Director


  1. Experience with Health Care Delivery Systems.
  2. Masters Degree or comparable leadership experience preferred.
  3. Program leadership and administration experience and/or skills.
  4. Financial management skills to include budget preparation and accountability.
  5. Community organization skills and experience.
  6. Program planning skills and experience.
  7. Familiarity with educational process in health professions and/or developing educational programs.
  8. Possess strong emotional intelligence.
  9. Fund raising experience including grant writing experience.

General Responsibilities:

The individual is responsible for the overall planning, direction and control of all programs undertaken by the SLVAHEC.  The individual is also responsible to assure compliance with all applicable contractual and sub-contractual conditions the SLVAHEC enters into with other institutions or agencies.

Special Responsibilities:

  1. Provide overall program leadership.
  2. Articulate program policies established by Board of Directors to local health professionals, AHEC faculty, community health care institutions and other constituencies.
  3. Assure program implementation according to performance contracts with University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (UCAMC)
  4. Administer program and coordinate relationships between SLVAHEC, community and UCAMC.
  5. Develop mechanisms for coordinating placement of health professions students and residents.
  6. Develop mechanisms for coordinating continuing health education activities.
  7. Has full authority to manage the SLVAHEC, to implement its policies and is responsible for his or her performance to the Board of Directors.
  8. Establish and maintain an organization to carry out the goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors.
  9. Provide guidance and planning for directing new program development and evaluation of existing programs.
  10. Establish and maintain effective relationships with SLV health providers and community leaders including civic, social and political to further their understanding of the organization’s activities and objectives.
  11. Supervise the activities of all employees.
  12. Executive Director is responsible for employing and dismissing staff members.
  13. Director has the responsibility of evaluating all staff members. 
  14. The director has the responsibility of directing, maintaining and accounting for all finances of the SLVAHEC including developing the budget and allocation of funds.
  15. Perform as grant writer for the SLVAHEC.
  16. Perform such related assignments as designated by the Board of Directors.
  17. Administer, control and coordinate all functions necessary to support the effective operation of the organization.
  18. Prepares and operates within the annual operating budget.
  19. Regularly reports program and financial activities to the Board of Directors.
  20. Recommends priorities and budgets to the Board of Directors to fulfill all contracts.
  21. Identifies and recommends alternate programs which are consistent with the mission of the SLVAHEC through its Board of Directors.
  22. Reviews and updates BY-LAWS and procedures on behalf of the Board of Directors.
  23. Recommends and cooperates with the Board of Directors to develop the SLVAHEC mission statement, goals and objectives.


The individual is delegated full authority necessary for the effective performance of the responsibilities assigned within the restrictions of applicable policies and is fully accountable to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for his/her performance.


$55,000 to $65,000 depending on qualifications.

Application Deadline

March 31, 2017 by 5:00 p.m.

Application Submission: Candidate applications must include: 

  1. A completed SLVAHEC employment application;
  2. A personal resume;
  3. 3 Professional References 

Submit Applications to:

         P.O. Box 1677
         Alamosa, CO  81101





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