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HPV Project Kick-off (recorded 11/11/14)
HPV The Basics (recorded 12/16/14)
HPV Regional Coordinator Job Announcement (recorded 2/5/15)
HPV State Award Opportunity (recorded 3/2/15)
HPV Project Evaluation Training (recorded 8/11/15)
Year 2 Kickoff and Evaluation Review (recorded 10/13/15)
PIM Credit and CE Resources (recorded 10/27/15)
Using Social Media to Reach Healthcare Professionals (recorded 12/9/15, registration required)
Introduction to Comprehensive Cancer Control (recorded 1/21/16)
Hosting a Successful Webinar for Continuing Education (recorded 4/6/16)
HPV Data Collection Spreadsheet Training (recorded 4/12/16)
Year 3 kickoff (recorded 9/22/16)
Welcome to Year 3 (recorded 12/8/16)
Social Media: Tips, Timesavers & Reporting (recorded 2/16/17)
Partnerships are the Key (recorded 3/30/17)
HPV Special Projects Information Session (recorded 4/5/17)

For Health Professionals

HPV Quality Improvement: Small-Scale Efforts for Practice Transformation (registration required)
HPV Vaccination as Cancer Prevention: Give It a Shot (or 2) (Registration required)
Archived Webinar: “Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Safety Update (Registration required)
Archived Webinar: “Immunity Community – Evidence-Based Strategies for Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy” (Registration required)
HPV Vaccination: A Pinch of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure (Registration required)
Using IIS to Increase HPV Vaccination Uptake (recorded 8/22/16)

Success Stories

Having a presence at the KY State Immunization Conference had a ripple effect that illustrates the power of collaboration. As a result, Southern Kentucky AHEC was asked to be a member of the Governor’s HPV Initiative and assist in the planning of a statewide HPV conference, and join the newly resurrected state immunization coalition. Learn more

Regional Success Stories

State AHEC

One AHEC entity per state has been selected to carry out state and local HPV project training activities. Each state will work closely with HPV Regional Coordinators to develop contact with immunization organizations, provide continuing education to health professionals and distribute promotional messages.

Project Resources

Project Evaluation

Project Evaluation

CDC Resources

CDC Overview
HPV Vaccine Resources for Health Professionals: You are the Key to Cancer Prevention
Tips and Time-savers for Talking with Parents About HPV Vaccine
Frequently Asked Questions about HPV Vaccine Safety
Recommended Immunization Schedule (Birth to 18 years)
Vital Signs: Cervical Cancer is Preventable

The National AHEC Organization received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a project to provide education to health professionals regarding the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Selected AHEC entities in all 50 states will work to increase awareness as well as train health professionals about the HPV vaccine, in an overall effort to increase HPV vaccination rates.

Click on a region to read about AHEC successes!

Free CE Opportunity!

The continuing education self-study guide titled "Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Safety" is being offered by the National AHEC Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This self-study guide was designed to meet the educational needs of health professionals engaged in care of adolescents and young adults needing immunizations. You can access the training here: http://www.cmeuniversity.com/course/disclaimer/114869

Project One-Pager

For more information:
Gretchen Forsell MPH, RDN, LMNT
Project Manager
Trisha Schulz, BS
Project Coordinator

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