Thank you to those who were able to join us for our 2019 Leadership Conference, Empowering Success Through Synergy, 
in San Diego. 

Click here to view and download presentations and AHEC Scholars Roundtable notes from the 2019 Leadership Conference.


We welcomed 100 AHEC colleagues from around the nation and had great conversations about AHEC Scholars, rural health issues, diversity, advocacy, sustainability and leadership. 

It was encouraging to see new connections made as we shared successes and challenges in our AHEC roles.  Attendees went home excited and rejuvenated about their work as AHEC employees, and we look forward to hearing your success as you implement your new ideas. 

NAO members had expressed an interest in having a networking conference during the intervening years between each biennial conference, so the executive committee took on the task of organizing the two-day event.

In addition to traditional education and networking, the conference offered something truly unique – a showing of the acclaimed documentary “The Providers” and the chance to talk with one of the film’s subjects as well as the producers. The film highlighted the struggles of providing healthcare to a poor, rural area of Nevada, and also premiered on PBS on April 8.

Last but not least, we want to thank those who volunteered to present or serve as moderators, I want to give a special thanks to the NAO Executive Committee for their work in putting together a great conference and for the volunteers that helped us with our registration.  Please join me in thanking Dwain Harris, CEO; Paula Overfelt, Immediate Past President; Christina Mathis, President Elect; Julie Bazan, Treasurer; Aileen Harris, Secretary; and Victor Rodriquez-Cruz (FL), Vicky Morales (TX) and Hazel Medellin (TX) for their support at our registration desk. 



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