Source: Kaiser Health News

Listen: Health Care Issues Reverberate In The States

Although many health policies are set in Washington, states also have a big stake in making sure their residents have access to affordable and effective health care. Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News joins a panel on the 1A radio broadcast looking at recent moves by states on health issues.


TV Ads Must Trumpet Drug Prices, Trump Administration Says. Pharma Tries A Plan B.

Drug pricing is a top issue in the run-up to the midterm elections.


Viewpoints: Would ‘Medicare For All’ Do Everything Its Supporters Are Promising?

Editorial pages offer opinions on "Medicare For All," the health law, mental illness, aging, and other health topics.


State Highlights: Despite Connecticut’s Wealth Many Residents Struggle With Health Care Access; Higher Deductibles Overshadowed By Maryland’s Premium Rate Success

Media outlets report on news from Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Texas.


‘Beautiful Boy’ Movie Explores The Difficulties Of Addiction And The Ways It Impacts Loved Ones

The movie tells the story of Nic Sheff and his father David, offering a look into a family touched by addiction. After seeing the movie, David recalled his difficult struggle to view his addicted son with sympathy, to make the mental shift from “how could he do this to me and the family and to himself, to understanding that he was troubled and ill.”


The Unique Challenges Older LGBTQ Americans Face Add Extra Layer Of Complexity To Aging, Experts Say

For example, a 63-year-old transgender woman wonders if she would be accepted at a long-term care center. Would she have to hide who she is and go back into the closet “to get the care I deserve to get?” In other news on aging, predicting Alzheimer's, knee replacement surgery and staying active in the later years.


Fertility Industry Is Booming As Families Wait Longer To Have Children

Dr. David Sable talks with Stat about the new developments in the field. In other public health news: sex education, the flu, DNA, snakebites, scooters, autism, traveling nurses and more.


Emergency Communications Can Often Fail To Take Into Account Disabled Americans

Missing closed captioning and other gaps for emergency communications can cut off Americans who are deaf from getting the news on life-threatening situations. Meanwhile, Florida hospitals are still recovering from Hurricane Michael.


Unapproved, Sometimes Dangerous Drugs Found In Dietary Supplements

The research most commonly turned up the drug sold as Viagra in the supplements. Despite what consumers may think, the supplements are actually regulated as food and therefore not subject to premarket safety and effectiveness testing imposed on pharmaceuticals.


‘Pregnant? Don’t Want To Be? Call Jane.’: A Look At A Clandestine Abortion Network That Operated Before Roe V. Wade

The network came into being in 1969 and helped thousands of women obtain abortions while it was still illegal. In other news, Texas cancels its contracts with an anti-abortion group.


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