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KHN’s ‘What The Health’: Politics Heading Into 2020: Live From Aspen!

How big an issue will health really be in the 2020 election? Will the Republicans find their political footing on the issue? In this episode of KHN’s “What the Health?” Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News, Joanne Kenen of Politico and Margot Sanger-Katz of The New York Times report from the Aspen Ideas: Health festival in Aspen, Colo. Joining them are Chris Jennings, who advised Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on health policy, and Lanhee Chen, who advised GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.


Viewpoints: Pros And Cons Of All Those Health Care Jobs; Organ Donation Process Is Making Progress, But Still Too Many Lives Are Lost

Opinion writers weigh in on these health topics and others.


Oregon Has Botched Efforts To Move Patients Out Of Restrictive Psychiatric Facilities, Investigation Finds

The Oregonian/OregonLive launched an investigation into the Oregon Health Authority's management of moving patients out of specialized care. Chris Bouneff, director of Oregon’s branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, said the newsroom’s findings are “disturbing.” “We don’t have many others who look after us,” Bouneff said of people with severe mental illness. “And if that state agency can’t do it, and it didn’t do it in this instance, who can we trust?”


Cerner System Malfunction Leads To Two-Hour Outage Of Medical Records At Dozens Of Hospitals

Universal Health Services said read-only versions were available during the time, but declined to say how many patients' records were affected. Other technology news: A period-tracking app might hold clues to fertility.


Nursing Home Operator In Massachusetts Closes Multiple Skilled-Nursing Institutions, Citing High Costs, Inadequate Staffing

The closings continue a trend for the state that has lost 30 nursing homes in the past 18 months. The attorney general is investigating the recent closings that are forcing hundreds of vulnerable Medicaid patients to be uprooted. News on nursing homes comes from Connecticut, Ohio and Michigan, as well.


Medical Group Issues Apology For Previously Treating Homosexuality As Mental Illness And The Trauma That Caused

"It is long past time to recognize and apologize for our role in the discrimination and trauma caused by our profession and say, 'We are sorry,'" said American Psychoanalytic Association President Dr. Lee Jaffe. Other news on the LGBTQ community focuses on transgender health and safety.


Many Of The Worst Mass Shootings In Recent Memory All Have Something In Common: AR-15 Style Rifles. Why?

The rounds from that style of weapon are three times faster and strike with more than twice the force of other bullets. "Organs aren't just going to tear or have bruises on them, they're going to be, parts of them are going to be destroyed," says Cynthia Bir. In other public health news: gene-edited babies, alcohol, vitiligo, the cautious generation, cancer, CBD, and more.


Rollout Of New Complex Medicaid Plan In Nebraska Keeps Many From Getting Medical Care, Advocates Say

"They're grudgingly implementing the policy — and I think 'grudgingly' is the operative word," said state Sen. John McCollister. News on Medicaid is also from Georgia.


Conservative Lawyer’s Warnings About Surprise Medical Bill Laws Dismissed By Experts, But Foreshadow Larger Battle

While experts say a prominent legal expert's warnings over the constitutionality of legislation address surprise medical bills are weak, it is still unlikely that any new regulations will skate through without being challenged in court.


Hundreds Camp Out Overnight At Rural Town’s First-Come, First Serve Clinic In Sign Of Just How Many People Have ‘Fallen In The Gap’

The federal government now estimates that a record 50 million rural Americans live in what it calls "health care shortage areas," where the number of hospitals, family doctors, surgeons and paramedics has declined to 20-year lows. A look at a pop-up clinic in Tennessee shows just how bad that reality is for the people living it.


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