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Planned Parenthood’s State Funding Protected With Supreme Court’s Decision Not To Hear Case

Five Supreme Court justices rejected an appeals case from Kansas and Louisiana in their effort to withhold Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood. As a result, two lower court rulings stay in place that block the states from stripping funds from the women's reproductive health organization. Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the three dissenting judges, accused his colleagues of avoiding the case for political reasons.


Viewpoints: Lessons on How Robots, Wearable Devices Can Lower Health Costs; Gun Trauma Takes Big Toll On Caregivers, Too

Editorial pages focus on these health care topics and others.


Perspectives: Until Fentanyl Flow From China Ceases, Deaths Will Mount; Enforce Laws To Help Kids In Foster Care

Opinion writers weigh in on issues stemming from the opioid crisis.


State Highlights: Flames From California Wildfire Are Banked, But Not The Trauma For Survivors; ‘Supported Housing’ Deaths In New York Questioned By Judge

Media outlets report on news from California, New York, Michigan, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Kansas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida and Minnesota.


Weeklong Strike Set To Start For 4,000 Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Professionals In California

“This strike is a clear message to Kaiser that its mental health clinicians won’t stand by silently while their patients can’t get the care they need,” union leader Sal Rosselli said in a statement. Kaiser Permanente claims the union is most interested in raising wages that are already among the best in the nation.


Aging Roundup: Emergency Care; Elder Abuse; Alzheimer’s; And Holiday Cheer

Media outlets take a look at various issues surrounding aging, including what to look for when trying to spot elder abuse; how difficult the emergency room can be for seniors; how to keep the aging body and brain healthy; and more.


Doctors Who Treat Gunshot Victims Tell NRA Why Gun Safety Is Their ‘Highway’

After the NRA said "anti-gun" physicians should stay in their lane, a growing number of doctors join the social media campaign with the hashtag "#ThisIsOurLane," gaining support from the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams. Other gun violence news looks at a lack of CDC gun studies, a faulty high school active shooter drill and disturbing writings from the Sandy Hook shooter.


Hospital-Acquired Infections Dip, But Experts Say That There’s Still More Work To Do

Experts say there are certain infection types--such as pneumonia or C. diff--that aren't showing any progress. Meanwhile, health care executives weigh in on what a politically divided Congress will mean to the hospital industry. And other hospital news comes out of Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, and Texas.


This Company’s Souped Up Hospital Bed Includes Sensors To Monitor Patients’ Vitals

The latest-generation bed's sensors could also detect movement that would alert providers if the patient was falling out. The transformation of a low-tech medical staple reflects how much the hospital is undergoing a digital makeover.


Young Pa. Mayor’s Fatal Fentanyl Overdose A Snapshot Of Epidemic That Is Still Gripping Nation

Brandon Wentz was only 24 when he had to resign as mayor from a small Pennsylvania town because his family was moving. The day after he wrote his resignation letter, he died of an overdose. Other news on the national drug crisis is reported from Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Texas and California.


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