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State Highlights: Workers At N.C. Assisted Living Home Charged With Setting Up Fights Between Patients With Dementia; Tests Of Calif. Water Find Widespread Contamination From Toxic Chemicals

Media outlets report on news from North Carolina, California, Tennessee, Minnesota, Mississippi, Arizona, Missouri, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Louisiana, New York and Iowa.


Viewpoints: Detention Centers Are Destroying Immigrants’ Health; Think Twice About People Who Are Addicted To Nicotine Before Enacting Total Ban On Vaping

Opinion writers weigh in on these health issues and others.


Experts Weigh In On The Great Hopes For Artificial Intelligence In Medicine And The Ethical Pitfalls That Come With It

Artificial intelligence has the potential to better patient care while creating cost-efficiencies that would be impossible without it. But it could also worsen racial disparities, have profit outweighing patient care, or simply lead to mistakes that a human wouldn't make. In other news at the intersection of health care and technology: video games, virtual reality for nursing home patients and ways to identify bacteria's genetic makeup.


Significant Link Between Miscarriages And Air Pollution Adds Urgency For Cities To Address Problem

A study in China found that the way air pollution affects pregnancies goes beyond premature labor and low birth weights. In other public health news: organ donation, plant-based meat, hot flashes, urine tests, CBD products, and more.


Women Fill Many Lower-Ranking Positions In Health Care Industry. Yet They’re Notably Absent From Executive Offices.

It's "not because they don’t want the positions, it’s not because they don’t work hard enough, it’s not because they’re not qualified for the positions,” says Julie Silver, a physician and director of Harvard’s leadership course. But at the very early stages of health careers, opportunities for mobility decline, in part because of strict credential requirements for jobs in clinical care and patient management. In other health industry news: Amazon's efforts to control health spending on employees, Johnson & Johnson's legal woes, executive pay at big insurers and more.


‘This Is Truly A Nightmare Situation’: Where There’s No Substitute, Drug Shortages Cripple Life-Saving Care

A shortage of a chemotherapy drug used to treat cancer in children highlights the serious perils of the rampant shortage problem facing the industry. "It’s our bread and butter," said Dr. Yoram Unguru, a pediatric oncologist. "There is no substitution... You either have to skip a dose or give a lower dose — or beg, borrow or plead." While the FDA has been trying to address the issue of shortages it's fallen short in its efforts to grant addition approval of generics. Meanwhile, companies are trying other methods to combat the problem.


Trump Promised To Replace Health Law ‘Piece By Piece.’ What Does That Look Like Two Years Later?

NPR looks at the five biggest changes made beneath the Trump administration, including the zeroing out of the individual mandate and allowing the addition of work requirements to some states' Medicaid programs.


How A Small-City West Virginia Lawyer Became One Of The Attorneys Leading National Opioids Lawsuit

Lawyer Paul Farrell Jr. helped mastermind the use of the "public nuisance" code that lies at the heart of the consolidated cases against the drug companies and distributors. “They broke it. So they need to fix it,” Farrell said. “I want them to stop killing people. I want mothers to stop giving birth to babies addicted to opium.... I want to stop going to funerals.” Meanwhile a new poll finds that nearly half of Americans have someone in their family affected by substance abuse.


‘It’s The Athletes. It’s The Nerds. It’s Everybody’: Vaping Is A Culture For Teens, Which Can Make Addiction Harder To Break

"It's infiltrated every social clique, every type of person knows someone — or maybe they are that person — who is vaping," said Phoebe Chambers, a junior at a Maryland high school. Meanwhile, a study finds that although vaping has seen a sharp rise among young people, the same trend isn't reflected in adults. In other news: an update on the deaths related to the vaping illness, local bans, and more.


‘Medicare For All’ Talk Likely To Be Center Stage At Dem Debate. But What About Other Health Topics?

While much of the health campaigning in the primaries has focused on how the different candidates will ensure health care coverage, there's large swaths of the cost conversation that haven't been touched -- such as hospital spending, health care deserts and even decisions over drug development. Abortion, as well, has been one of the least talked about topics in the previous debates. Will that change at Tuesday night's debate in Ohio when 12 Democratic presidential candidates take the stage?


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